Me, Myself and I

Adrienne Brandyburg is a writer, actor, producer, painter and comedian hailing from Chicago.

The oldest of four and the only girl, Adrienne was destined to stand out. If not, she would whine and use brute force to get her way. With an art background to her name, Adrienne explored the realm of comedy. 

She has completed the Second City Conservatory program. Currently, Brandyburg co-produces a monthly variety show highlighting women of color performers and businesses titled B.A.P.S Comedy. You can catch the show every third Sunday at Improv Olympics. (io Chicago)

Brandyburg co-hosts a weekly podcast titled "Dude, that's not what I meant".

After acting in her first short film, Brandyburg joined the SleptOn Creatives production company as an SO ambassador.

Adrienne uses her animated and witty sense of humor when performing in sketches, podcasts, hosting, filming and on stage. Adrienne performs all around the country and in her bathroom. Just look for a really tall, lanky black lady with a fro. She normally has food in her mouth while she debates with people that are shorter than her. 


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