Taken By Sarah Larson

Taken By Sarah Larson


Adrienne Brandyburg is easily becoming someone you should keep your eyes on. Adrienne Brandyburg is an eccentric writer, actress, producer, painter and comedian hailing from Chicago. Adrienne is a producer of a WOC variety show called B.A.P.S. Comedy.

Adrienne is best known for her catch phrases “he ain’t ugly” and “ Is he at least 6’2”. Dipped in Honey dew melon, Adrienne Likes oiling her scalp and washing her hands with white tears. A retired former WNBA star, Adrienne continues to school these Fboys off the court by donating her tresses to the Men with struggle Beards Assc. (MSBA). Her favorite food groups are pizza and wine.

Adrienne uses her animated and witty sense of humor when performing in sketches, podcasts, hosting, filming and on stage. Adrienne performs all around the country including Zanies, Laugh factory, The Steppenwolf and in her bathroom. Adrienne is elated to share her dopeness and is looking forward to dunking on her haters. Adrienne enjoys spreading laughter and blackness. Just look for a really tall, lanky black lady with a fro. 

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